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Death on the Nile

    Döden på Nilen, 2007
    Death on the Nile, 2007

    Death was an important subject also for the old Egyptians. The god Osiris was an important god as he was the first one to be embalmed according to the myths. The Egyptians believed firmly in the afterlife. Osiris himself was murdered by his mean brother Set. Set killed his brother and put him in a led coffin and threw him in the river Nile. Isis, the sister and also wife of Osiris found her dead husband eventually. She cried and her grief was so deep that the Nile flooded every now and then. And still does. Osiris never got to return to the living but had to stay down there in the underworld as the king of the dead. The king of the dead was also the king of life as he was the god of fertility at the same time. All that lives will die. But in one way or another be reborn.