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Everything floats

    Allt flyter, 2006
    Everything floats, 2006

    There are so many different myths of creation. Sometimes everything was created out of a single word or even a thought. Sometimes it took heavier things like in the Nordic mythology where the world was created by the butcher-style murder of the giant Ymer. Well, how was it all done? I don´t know but in this embroidery I have made chromosomes and primeval cells in the primordial sea. On top of it all you can see me- the crown of creation according to the bible- a human being consequently.

    Everything floats is the title of my picture. Sounds fun but might not be entirely true as some things sinks right away. As really, really young though we all float in amniotic fluid for many months. Meanwhile dna, x-and y chromosomes, fingers, kidneys and brain cells grow and are completed to the fantastic constructions that we all are. Life is mysterious and sometimes wonderful.