Utah, 2005

How exciting I find geologically instable places where the earth´s inner core boils so dangerously close to the thin crust of the soil. Colliding landmasses and potentially catastrophic zones. Places where only rattlesnakes and lizards live.

Many of my embroideries are inspired by the landscape of the American west. There are thousands of rock paintings and petroglyphs here. Some of them are many thousand years old and made in different styles where motifs and symbols has been used at different periods. The petroglyphs often depict humanlike beings with shamanistic and ceremonial dimensions. Maybe they were holy messages of some kind? Even though you can´t really interpretate their true messages it is very touching and intriguing to study them as they appear in the desolated and barren landscape. If you go to Horseshoe Canyon in southern Utah you might see the petroglyphs that have inspired me so much.

Ancient beings in the night, 2012

At one visit in Utah we once took a riverboat trip to see the petroglyphs that Native Americans created long ago at the cliffs. Close to the cliff where Thelma and Louise, in the movie, drove into eternity from we found many interesting pictures. They were carved into stone and hopefully they will always be there. I like the thought that some things might be forever.

Beings in the spring, 2012

The opposite of petroglyphs might be the sand paintings of the Navajos. They put sand in different colors in various patterns symbolizing many different things. They are then used for ceremonial purposes like curing of the sick. When the ceremony is over and the patient is well or dead the paintings are destroyed. Some things might be forever but other things keep changing all the time.

17. May 2012 by Teresa
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